January 20, 2018

Gaunt Leadership

I don't sit around ogling pictures of McDonald's executives because, face
it, they're gone by the time you can memorize their image.

But, I recently stumbled across a nearly full length picture of the current USA president. All I can say is - Dude, EAT something! 

You can't hang around a restaurant company looking like you were just released from a prisoner of war camp.

It would not be good for the brand's image if a top QSR executive weighed 
in at 300 pounds.

Conversely, a QSR executive should at least "appear" to enjoy the food they're  selling. Plus, one can't be the Alpha Male of a large organization if you haven't gained a pound since middle school.

I suggest the President Donald J. Trump diet - a couple of Big Macs, a couple of Filet-O-Fish, and a few milk shakes or McFlurrys - three or four times a week.


Anonymous said...

Amen. Among US he is referred to as Pajama Boy or Vapor Boy.

Anonymous said...

Chris K brags that he eats a McD Sundae every day.

Richard Adams said...

A MCD Sundae without toppings or peanuts is only 210 calories.

Anonymous said...

I suspect he is a closeted Vegan

Anonymous said...

closeted about a lot of things