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September 9, 2019

Wendy's to Launch Breakfast: Again

     Wendy's hiring 20,000 employees


Anonymous said...

Good luck on hiring 20,000 new employees. I have great difficulty hiring even 20! And this will push wages even higher due to low supply!

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Anonymous said...

Makes sense not sure what took them so long.

Anonymous said...

The last time they tried it they fell on their face because of quality. It was barely eatable. Maybe they learned something. Their operators are paying for new equipment, serving in a new day part, spending more dollars on marketing, labor will be up and waste will be high. If their quality sucks like previous efforts they will eventually pull it. MCD needs to be smart about our reaction to it. No need to start discounting our products to hold market share until we know more about their products and their marketing. The regions will likely want to deep discount and that may be what we do if they are having any success. In the meantime lets just hold it in the road.

Anonymous said...

We sell what we advertise - a good marketing plan, supersedes a lousy discount offer.

Your better off checking how they cook the scrambled eggs for QUALITY, verses any madness to cut prices. Operational focus in today's millennial workforce is the greatest risk to profitability.