Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 5, 2019

How Much Will the MCD PAC Give to Extremist Dems?

Seven minutes of fun discussion

'The Five' react to climate change plans proposed by Dems on CNN


Anonymous said...

I stopped giving to the McPAC due to their support (and contributions) of extreme leftists/anti business candidates.

If I give now, I give DIRECTLY only to those I support.

Anonymous said...

I have done the same. I am sick tired of a few sending money to folks who will never vote for what we feel is best for our business

Anonymous said...

There are too many party polics in the business. But not to realize the need to use both parties to better the position of operators is a detriment to the overall operation.

Case in point, the NOA invitation to McCarthy. Now you know Shumer or Pelosi would of never shown to discuss fixing the write offs.

Yet, party antics forced decisions and retractions at the deteiment to the operators. These idiots need to be singled out for what they are... a endangerment to the free market.