Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 17, 2019

The Plastic Straw Fraud

"Straws account for a nearly immeasurable amount of refuse in the ocean, yet laws are being changed at the whim of a widely shared conspiracy that they pose a significant risk to the planet despite significant evidence to the contrary." 

Why Plastic Straws Are Actually Better For The Planet Than Paper Straws


Anonymous said...

A fight not worth fighting. MCD's Corp loves O/O's to bring stuff up like this at meetings the insignificant increase in costs our customers prefer plastic etc. Keeps us debating the minutia while we have bigger cost issues, ROI on investments, $500k lobbies that bring in no new additional customers, re-writes on bad real estate deals that 100's thousands in increased royalties etc. etc. Stay focused on the big issues! Ever notice how things such of this always seem to be first on the agendas at meetings.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above-

All the more reason to JOIN the NOA


Anonymous said...

Im neither of the above.. but can say, Been there did that... hoping Dallas brings a renewed vigor to the cause! For it seems the NOA has gotten neutered lately..

But like any operator organization, seems thise running are all for one, til they get in... then its just one for all.