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September 3, 2019

Bogus But Interesting Lawsuit

McDonald’s, franchisees colluded to not recruit or hire each other's employees


Anonymous said...

These plaintiff lawyers are incredibly stupid or so ideologically blinded that they miss the entire point. . They are suing because they believe that one MCD owner is prevented from giving a line employee a ten cent raise to change franchises. There's no real money there for anyone except maybe the pennies for the line cook (which these lawyers will take 99% of if they win anyway). The line employee just goes to the current owner anyway and tells him or her and if they are good, gets that raise without the disruption of moving. If they stink, the poaching owner gets a stinky employee that he or she is now overpaying for. They'll eventually prove themselves too expensive for what they bring and will be out of a job completely when the new boss can replace the employee with a better employee.

What they are missing is the recruitment of MCD corporate employees to come works for owners looking to expand, and making them new owners with a stake in the expansion. That is life changing money, and good look to the vultures trying to stop that. Dummies.

Anonymous said...

The suit should be against MCD ONLY. Operators had this as a requirement in the license agreement from MCD

Anonymous said...

Lol... if this flies, than the next law suit will be a racketeering charge against OPNAD and COOPs for pricing.

Anonymous said...

Racketeering is a criminal activity in which a person or organization engages in a “racket.” A racket is when the criminal creates a problem for others for the purpose of solving that problem by some type of extortion.

So if your position is things are operator approved, but extort the vote to force a particular outcome.. then thats a prime example of RICO.

Anonymous said...

It was only a matter of time before this happened. That clause was questionable from the start. This is a free country. People can work for whomever they please.T