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September 26, 2019

McDonald’s Changing Retail Partner

McDonald’s is changing its packaged coffee partner


Anonymous said...

Kraft must have been stingy with the kickbacks.

Anonymous said...

The quality for a $1 image must be tarnishing. The real worry now, is the shift back to a real premium, to be sold at a premium. Or a hack, in a effort to keep the dollar discount image alive?

Inquiring minds want to know, why dies McDonalds sell its beverages 200-300% below its direct competitors?

Anonymous said...

All the better to compete against its own operators.

How many more slaps in the face are we going to take? We built the McCafe brand with our own money building it out in our restaurants, then selling it as a loss leader against our own cash flow.

Now management takes McCafe to market for free and keeps all of the revenues competing against our own breakfast program!?