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September 10, 2019

McDonald's Announces Another Tech Aqusition asks, "Is McDonald's in the food business or the tech business?"

We ask - Are these technology companies intended to improve productivity or are
they meant to be a profit center for McDonald's Corp. funded by franchisees?

McDonald's Just Made Another Surprising Move, and It Could Change Some of the Biggest Things About McDonald's -

Here's the corporate press release


Anonymous said...

Its a win-win for MCD because the operators will be forced to BUY expensive content from the acquisition.

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#shareholders OVER operators

Anonymous said...

We will have to pay ongoing monthly/annual fees to use the technology whether it has a positive impact on sales and profits or not.

Anonymous said...

Lol.... MCD bought its own R&D division. It is being dissolved from within by frivilous expenses at the expense of the new generation of non-business savy McOpCo managers aka Franchisees.

Anonymous said...

"We are not a Hamburger Company serving People, but a People Company serving Hamburgers".

McDonald's has neither the knowledge or temperament for technology, which has a bleeding edge to Development, Quality Assurance and Execution. Its franchise system doesn't have the margins to absorb such follies - nor does it need to with so many OFF THE SHELF ideas and opportunities on the market today.

Its sad the average restaurant now pays over $20K in technology fees - for the simplistic of technology ideas on the market today. Yet the competition can do ordering using an emoji -

What's needed is a basic understanding the MCD sucks at technology - and it doesn't always have to reinvent the wheel. We needed a reliable source for technology to guide these decisions. Wasn't there suppose to be partnering for that, didn't we pay for that venture too?

It doesn't take too much wazzle-dazzle to sell a hamburger. Just good and FAST.