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September 29, 2019

Fake "Test" of Fake Meat

Folks, this is not a "test", it's a done deal. It's no more a "test" than McCafe was "tested" in the state of Michigan in 2008. Both companies generated this week's publicity with press releases and announcements on their websites.

Consider this - a major chunk of the share price of Beyond Meat (BYND) is their investors' expectation that McDonald's would eventually serve the product. If this was a real "test" it would have been done in an obscure market without much fanfare. Because, if the "test" 
didn't pan out the value of a BYND investment would drop like a rock.

The fact that both companies created so much press and the "test" is being done in a prominent marketplace means they can't go back. 



Richard Adams said...

I agree with the person who predicted how this will turn out. Operators will spend thousand$ implementing fake meat in the stores. OPNAD will spend million$ advertising the product. When all that runs its course the average store will sell 10 or 15 a day.

But with 14,000 stores and another 1400 in Canada, that's a lot of BYND product and it will make that company a success.

And the environmental whackos will still be complaining that McDonald's sells beef.

Anonymous said...

This FM is a distraction to what we should be prioritizing : Chicken!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anybody ever consider how our beef farmers will react to this? Higher beef prices? product slow downs? Is it worth it just to be Modern and Progressive?