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September 26, 2019

Fake Meat to be "Tested" in McDonald’s Canada

It would be interesting to know how much Beyond Meat stock Don Thomson was able to sell
to McDonald's executives, past and present.

Beyond Meat’s stock soars after McDonald’s unveils test of company-made P.L.T. burgers


Anonymous said...


“It opens the door to a whole host of new customers.” I don’t really think so. vegetarians and vegans still despise MCD because of our core beef principles. This patty is overly processed, and the food cost will be high. Can’t we fix our own house, without adding even more complexity (hello Bakery) to our kitchens? I am totally certain the Corp will force this thru on the US. I had Burger Kong’s rendition, and would rather just have beef, or a salad. Please don’t saddle the US with this!

Anonymous said...

I'm actually glad to see this, we need something new.

Anonymous said...

Only 3% of the U.S. adult population is vegan. While that’s some 9 million people, that’s not much and many of those probably don’t want to go to McDonald’s, anyway. It’s certainly not a market big enough to fret about.

Anonymous said...

Will it come frozen????

Do we have enough Grill space??

Once again ,Stock Price Steve and Clueless Chris show that their glaring lack of operations experience leads to bad decisions.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the camp this might be a fad but time will tell, but think what a lot of people are missing it is not primarily geared to vegetarians or vegans as many do not like the taste of meat and would never step in the doors of McDonald's it is geared to the people who think they are being socially responsible by not eating beef.

Anonymous said...

Operationally, for a true veggie burger it will have to have its own grill. So this is another operational/capacity issue for 20 a day. Frozen or thawed it’s going to cause more complexity.

Anonymous said...

This is the biggest waste of Time and Money. It is a FAD, just like the McLean Deluxe, Atkins Diet, taking Calories and Taste out of Mac Sauce and Shake Mix. I have been down the road before, the Train has left the building.

This is what will happen;
- there will be a roll out around World Wide, this will have ALL the Hoopla of a Political rally.
- there will be overly aggressive targets to sell it to the Operators.
- we will roll it out and start out sell 200 a week with heavy promotion & giveaway.
- once the rollout is over it will start to drop in movement and McD will want to prop it up with deep discounts
- then in 18 months we will Be Selling 30 a week, someone will say let’s exit the system with it.

The only ones that will make any money are the early Investors in Beyond Meat that sell out before the crash and some restaurants that are close to a large Vegan / Vegetarian population. This is not me my Customers raise Cattle & Chickens and are looking to prosper with them. So wait and watch to see how far off I am. Only been in the McDonald’s business 48 years.

Anonymous said...

The poster above with the bullet points is 100% on point must have been around the system as long as I, will be a waste of time and money.

Anonymous said...

Major distraction. Our competitors will continue to take our customers while w fritter away time, attention and money on this. The suits will be slapping each other on the back about how modern and prgressive they are with fake meat as they cash in their MCD and BYND stock and head for the exits. As usual, we will be left (we HOPE!) to mop up after the party is long over.

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