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September 21, 2019

Chick-fil-A’s Sales Have Doubled Since Boycott

Chick-fil-A’s Sales Have Doubled Since LGBT Boycott Began in 2012


Anonymous said...

Too bad MCDs execs are so politically correct and anti-family. Kroc would be ashamed of them.


Anonymous said...

Bet CFA doesn't have a Gay Owner Operator Association !

Anonymous said...

No, as we can tell by their success they focus on the business and dont get distracted by fads or political correctness.

Anonymous said...

We use to worry about being a Wholesome, Conservative, All American, Family Owned Business. Now we want to be thought as a Fortune 50 Corporation, with Politically Correct Values.

We would not Advertise on Shows without conservative values, now it does not matter.

CFA has become everything we use to be and more.

Anonymous said...

Good Point. MCD spends millions on projects that doesn't sell one burger.

Anonymous said...

But but but Easyerbrook's lefty PAC recipients will be slapping him on the back at the next fundraiser at his country club!