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September 16, 2019

Fast Times on McDonald's Agency Changes

Why the future of McDonald's marketing looks a lot like Nike's


Anonymous said...

It will swiftly look like other brands, as our leadership no longer has that KETCHUP in their veins...

No brand loyalty... just a stock.

Anonymous said...

Why even have a marketing agency or marketing department? We already know that all they do is Deep DISCOUNT Food!

Anonymous said...

Because it takes hundreds of people and big marketing departments to come up with things like $1.... DBL cheese and small fry for $2.50 and BOGO Mobile offers. Get rid of the marketing dept and just have finance and Spiro's team run it that is who is doing it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Snake Oil Spero at it again!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of HYPE. I was hoping for a smaller group that was cutting edge. The Larger we get more stagnant we get. I am hopeful that this time will be different.

I just want to have my local Ronald program back. It makes NO since to have the 2nd most recognizable Icon in the world and not use them, only Santa Claus is more Universal. I really do not understand how the Leadership of McD does not see what they have done. I have said this before and it is still relevant today.


They have carved the Heart & Soul out of this business and ATE it.
They want more kid business, then Fire Ronald McDonald.
They want more family business, then remove playlands
They want faster D/Ts, then add to the McCafe menu and Add fresh beef.
They want higher Cash Flow, then add Labor to the Dining room to teach people how to use a Kiosk, and do table service.
They want better Operations, then let Operators grow to 20, 30, 40 & 50 Stores.
They want us to give Gold Standard everything, Yet their Communication & Technology is No Standard (total failure)
They want us to give Table Service, yet I would be happy to have people just to give Service.
They want Better Advertising, but Create an Ad Agency from 2 Old Dried Up ones.
They want to better serve the Operators and give us Field First. This is “Field Last”.
They want to have updated decor, we now have packages customers can’t sit in or get out of.

I have NO clue what is going on and I am an elected leader. You can’t change anything, they simply will not listen.

Anonymous said...

We won't be seeing much of Ronald McDonald in the near future.

For generations, Ronald has been the face of McDonald's.

But Easterbrook wants to be the new face of McDonald's.

Trouble is, the brand can't be represented by two clowns at the same time.

Anonymous said...

First, lets not confuse the ADVERTISING McDonald's does with MARKETING. BOGO and Discounting isnt a marketing strategy... which is why TCs are plummeting.

For marketing would of been the first to signal.. dont invest in a lobby when 70% of business is in rhe drivethru.

Dont invest in adding more order points when service times in the grill are already drowning.

But if your gonma invest in lobbys anyway, build a program to get people to visit them.. not have a national drive thru contest.

Oh and by the way.. dont sell your drink for $1 when the average QSR competitor price is 250% higher.. use the offset to bring a core product lower. Oh wait, your already doing BOGO. So maybe, use the app... oh wait, 17 coupons on the app and daily giveaways..

Mailers... damn it, there too!

Give me a minute.. nope... nothing.

Anonymous said...

Giving away coffee for free or a dollar is stupid. Our competitors are doing gangbusters charging nearly 300% more for coffee and keeping the profitability that comes with selling coffee.

Why can't we get some of that profit on our sales? NOA, please help!