Coalition of Franchisee Associations

October 8, 2018

Three Examples of Franchising Done Right

"If you want your brand to thrive, make sure your operators can make money."

What a concept!

Jonathan Maze reports- RB


Anonymous said...

Amazing how treating franchisees like true partners gets good business results. This company rewards the bad treatment of people. A perfect example is the guy running Franching. Alvaro something...he got promoted only after he got rid of several long time well established operators in the Chicago region. Operators that have done far more for the system then him or his team ever will. Unfortunately we will have to wait and see how more people he will sacrifice for his own benefit. Maybe this is common practice in his home country or simply a directive from Chris K.

Anonymous said...

It is up to us to fix the "partnership". A great way to start is to attend Wednesdays Operator ONLY meeting in Tampa. We need to air our grievances and come together with a new, EFFECTIVE Operator advocacy organization. The NOAB/NLC/Opnad are a toothless,pathetic joke whose operators were bought off by Corp (via Mcopco sales, etc) Only through UNITY and determination can we,the people who run over 90% of the stores, change our current circumstances. We must challenge todays leadership (Corp) like never before. Its time to stand up to the Corporate bullies!
Some say we have no power over corp. How about these (for example); Coops refuse the extensive discounting en mass, we refuse the unfair corporate mandates, we pay fees late, etc etc etc.
If we fail to stand up and defend our own interests and investments, we will suffer even more in the future. The system is BROKEN, It favors stockholders over operators. HELP FIX IT !!!!

Anonymous said...

Jonathan forgot Dunkindonuts, which 10 years ago abused its franchisees and as a result was unable to go public. Ownership then canned the management team and brought in a new, collaborative CEO who got right to work on making franchisees money. He gave thenm a new franchise agreement that was less draconian, gave them the procurement and supply chain in exchange for pricing to the west and split all proceeds of Dunkin branded products in grocery and retail outside of the franchised shops 50-50, and added thousands of units to the brand as a direct result with over 90% of them being built by existing franchisees.

Compare that to a brand like Dickie,s BBQ Pit. Or where MCD is going.

Anonymous said...

MCD doesnt care if operators make money. Its allabout the shareholders and top MGMT "Golden Parachutes" Doubt it? See Don Thompson

Anonymous said...

Rays three legged stool is DEAD

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is true or not but I've been told that if CK meets certain objectives in five years he is eligible for a five million dollar bonus. If true and he does he'll be gone, in my opinion.