Coalition of Franchisee Associations

October 27, 2018

The Mediocre Get Richer

MCD President and CEO Stephen Easterbrook Sold $35.3 million of Shares


Anonymous said...

very convenient since the owners association is gaining steam

Anonymous said...

Is Easterbrook even in this country legally? We need to get rid of him and Chris K!! Let’s make McDonald’s great again!! MMGA!!!

Richard Adams said...

MMGA ? Love it !That's a great new catch-phrase, or should we say catch-acronym. Especially fun since most of the executives at McDonald's Corp. are Trump haters.

Anonymous said...

They have carved the Heart & Soul out of this business and ATE it.

They want more kid business, then Fire Ronald McDonald.
They want more family business ,then remove playlands
They want faster D/Ts, then add to the McCafe menu and Add fresh beef.
They want higher Cash Flow, then add Labor to the Dining room to teach people how to use a Kiosk, and do table service.
They want better Operations, then let Operators grow to 20, 30, 40 & 50 Stores.
They want us to give Gold Standard everything, Yet their Communication & Technology is No Standard (total failure)
They want us to give Table Service, yet I would be happy to have people just to give Service.
They want Better Advertising, but Create an Ad Agency from 2 Old Dried Up ones.

MMGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My confidence in McDonald’s leadership as well as Operator leadership is at an all-time low due to the continuous attitude of arrogance demonstrated by neither body listening to the operator body as a whole. I wish I could have rated the above rating on McDonald’s as a negative-1…. I need to raise my prices to compensate for the cost of higher wages
but am unable to do so because of everything that is being discounted. I have taken on a large amount of debt to both acquire restaurants and complete the BBV2 [Bigger Bolder Vision 2020] items. I regret my decision -- my vision should have been to sell my restaurants after decades of being with this brand. Finally, I would stop all of the initiatives and go back to what I was doing before BBV if I was allowed to. I was able to outpace the CoOp and Region for sales and transaction count growth with our drive-thru speed and local store marketing approach. Now this brand and me have become slow
and lethargic shells of our former selves.

Anonymous said...

The company has no respect for the owner/operator community. They completely ignored all of our needs in their recent structural change. Those changes had vast impacts on our organizations and yet we received zero notice of them. Furthermore, the discount pressures they are putting on OPNAD are disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

They are using the arithmetic of large numbers. MCD system is massive. A small increase in sales translates to a big increase in dollars flowing into MCD. Their cost reduction moves will come back to added cost for the operators. I have finished several MRP's and the quality of work coming from the MCD recommended contractors is inferior to experienced contractors in this market. Thus, their building is not as good and M&R cost in future years will increase.

Anonymous said...

Chris K is running operators into the ground. Things just aren't what they used to be anymore. MMGA, I like it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am Flatered, Several folks used posts that I did months back. I wholeheartedly still agree with them.

We need to ALL be in Dallas in December.

Let Us.- MMGA !!!!!!!!!!