Coalition of Franchisee Associations

October 4, 2018

Communist Will Get His Way If November Vote Goes Wrong

Bernie Sanders Lobbies McDonald's to Pay Workers $15 an Hour Minimum - TheStreet


Anonymous said...

The democrat party is looking more and more like the Fascist parties of the 1930s and 40s Secretive, totalitarian, intolerant, punitive, and flat out dangerous.

Only the progressive uses the Justice system & IRS as a political tool.
Only a progressive would call you a racist if you disagree with them on any level.
Only a progressive sends someone to prison to help facilitate a political lie.
Only a progressive would militarize the bureaucracy and use it against its citizens.
Only a Progressive would allow thousands of weapons to go to dangerous criminals knowing and hoping hundreds would die.....for domestic political purposes.
Only progressives and unions via the IRS would threaten the Constitution.
Only a progressive would destroy a country and remake it in his own image.

Only a progressive hates democracy, and America.

Anonymous said...

WHY do you think they are selling the McOpCo stores??

Richard Adams said...

They are selling the McOpCos because they can make more income by just collecting rent and service fees and not suffering with decreasing profitability and increasing capital investments. It's the "asset light" business model. All the cool franchise companies are doing it. McDonald's is just copying what Burger King has been doing over the past five years.

It's amazing how few restaurant companies actually want to be in the restaurant business.