Coalition of Franchisee Associations

October 16, 2018

From One of MCD Corporate Internet Trolls

just let franchisees push the ETOF remodel for their restaurants by 1 year (into 2020) if their restaurant was recently remodeled. Let’s operators get 1 more year out of a location which decor may only be 2 yrs old (& still may be paying off that CAPEX). Great move


Anonymous said...

What about stores we have already done??????????????????????

Anonymous said...


The Democrats’ top objective if they retake the House in November is to score a political point.

Not economic opportunity for Americans. Not decreasing the regulatory burden on business owners.

No, they want to finally achieve climax in their obsession over President Trump’s tax returns.CNN sought clarification from U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier that Democrats indeed want to make Trump’s tax filing priority number One.

“Your party’s leader in the House, Nancy Pelosi, said if Democrats take back the House, which, according to the momentum and all the numbers that are lining up, she says the first thing or order of business is to make sure you get a handle on the president’s tax returns,” host Ana Cabrera asked.

“Do you think that should be the priority?”

“I think the number one bill that should be introduced,” Speier responded, ” … is that for every candidate running for the presidency in 2020 should have to release 20 years of income tax returns.”

Nancy Pelosi has suffered meltdowns when it comes to Trump’s tax returns.

During a press conference last year,she gave a statement for several minutes into a microphone that wasn’t working properly.After it was adjusted by one of her colleagues, she told the media, “Do you want me to start all over?” before bursting into laughter and a cheesy grin.Gathering her composure, she yelled, “Mr. President, do you want me to start all over? What do the Russians have on you! Politically, financially or personally!” before resuming her statement demanding Trump’s tax returns.