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October 20, 2018

This is a Growth Streak?

Can McDonald's Keep Its Growth Streak Alive?


Anonymous said...

The article is not relevant. It should be asking why 25% of operators are unexpandable due to financial distress, why after expensive MRP remodels the average store shows little to no sales growth. Also, the establishment of the NOA will lead to the operators (finally) refusing to do excessive,non profitable discounting. The system is broken, yet MCD has fooled Wall Street by expanding dividends.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fellow Owners,

Our next National Owners Meeting will be in Dallas on December 12th & 13th. We are excited to reconvene and discuss the issues facing our beloved McDonald's and finish defining our pathway to Owner Operator Unity. Our last meeting in Tampa was groundbreaking and inspirational for us all. We believe, together, we made the case for continued brand evolution while reminding us of the value of our culture! We owe it to the next generation, each other, and the company to see this through. are not alone!

Our efforts have been and will continue to be positively productive. We’ve heard from nearly a thousand owners voicing your concerns and desire to join our effort to lead together again. We urge you to please visit the website to view videos of the day. The message is powerful.

The Dallas meeting will be informative and inspiring. Together, we will work to define the make up and mission of our National Owners Association. Simply put ...we will re-establish our culture of “Leading Together” as “Owners serving Owners”.

As we get closer to the meeting date we will be sharing more of the meeting agenda with you. Please join us in Dallas and thanks for keeping the Arches shining bright.

Your “working on keeping the stool balanced” Co-Hosts,

Mark Salebra and Blake Casper

Anonymous said...

We need 1,000 plus operators in Dallas ! Its time to take back our equity and advertising controls. Steve and CK only care about stockholders and their own golden parachutes.