Coalition of Franchisee Associations

October 10, 2018

Attorney Carmen Caruso on Facebook

Today I addressed a meeting of over 300 McDonald’s franchise owners gathered in Tampa, Florida, who are seeking to work with McDonald’s to positively impact the system for the benefit of all franchisees, McDonald’s company, its shareholders, and ultimately the customers.


Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting and felt like it was respectful, to both McDonald’s Leadership and the Operator needs. The one thing I came away with is we need someone or something advocating for us the Operator. I don’t believe the NLC, Supply Chain or OpNad has done that in years.

It has become obvious that the way McDonld’s Leadership is operating is vastly different than the Trust of McFamily that I have always known. My knew way of thinking is “It is not personal, it is just business”.

So to any of my fellow Operators that could not attend this one, please make plans to be at the next one on Dec. 12th.

It is time for the silent majority to standup and be counted.

Anonymous said...

Time to stand together, or hang separately

Anonymous said...

I was expecting an attorney with prior success vs. McDonalds Corp. There were 2 that we used to hear of... Zarco was one, cant remember the other. I wonder what their thoughts are on the impracticality of a lawsuit. ?

Richard Adams said...

Please, don't start talking about lawsuits! That's no way to start an advocacy group.

Having said that, I'm glad there were practicing legal minds at the meeting. Franchisee associations need proper legal advice.

But, there's the question of, what are you going to sue for? I'm not an attorney but I've watched a lot of legal proceedings go past on my screens. One of the things I've learned is that you can't sue a corporate officer for being incompetent. In my humble opinion incompetency is the major sin on the McDonald's corporate side.

If an Operator or Operators launch into litigation I'll be interested in their first significant court date which might be as early as the summer of 20019. Then I'll wait for some kind of outcome in two or three years.

Can the McDonald's system wait that long for needed change?

Anonymous said...

An operator would have to be out of his mind to sue MCD. Even if the facts were on your side they would settle before you received a judgement. Before getting to that point they would drive legal fee's so high it wouldn't be worth pursuing it. Even if you win you lose. The important thing is for MCD to listen to the operators and not manipulate operator leadership for their own purpose. Few operators understand that BBV is an amendment to your franchise agreement. This was not made clear and it was forced by the regions without explanation. McDonalds heavy handed tactics with the operators will continue only if we allow it. MCD knows what they can get away with and what they can't and they will abuse us until we make them stop. Expect retaliation in many different forms. We are anxiously awaiting the company first response. If they draw a line in the sand and declare war on the operators there will be no winners. Hopefully, a dialog will be positive and productive but we are dealing with people with no history or complete understanding of the business. This will test Easterbrooks leadership abilities. He must realize how disliked CK is because of his tactics, attitude and mean spirit. If these tactics continue it will seriously damage the US business and each and every operator. May be they just don't give a damn. It seems to be performance with the MRP's and EOTF over the damage being done to the operators.

Richard Adams said...

Whoa, back up the bus! The above discussion was only related to the previous post where someone mentioned a "lawsuit". I went on to comment that, politically speaking, talking
about litigation while trying to form an association is not the way to go.

That's an entirely different discussion from the rights of the individual franchisee. Franchisees should stand up for their rights and when needed, seek legal counsel.

If a McDonald's Operator "has to be out of their mind to sue MCD" then I've known a
lot of crazy Operators in my career.

But the above post is proof that no one should come to this website looking for
legal advice, especially from anonymous posters.