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October 29, 2018

Slow Food Roll-Out Continues

No amount of discounting or food giveaways will keep McDonald's USA sales from 
declining to BK levels if HOTG or "Made to Order" becomes the operating standard.

McDonald’s testing made-to-order chicken items


Anonymous said...

when does this madness stop??

Anonymous said...

as long as fast casual is stealing market share this won't stop. too many want to be both. hence easterbrooks "differentiate drive thru vs in store experience". The gamble cost us a lot and has yielded no tangible results.

Anonymous said...

Face it - BB2020 is a FAILURE

MMGA- boot SE & CK

Anonymous said...

Chris K doesn't know what he's doing. I wonder what McDonald's would be like with someone who has in store experience leading... Can we ever MMGA with Easterbrook and K at the top?

Anonymous said...

I got the feeling watching Chris K. in that last video that he truly thinks he knows more than he does and the operator objections and recommendations are an irritant to be ignored. I think he feels threatened by the new operator organization and will in some way retaliate. The Board of Directors should be concerned about the operator response to his tactic's and if it keep's up they may just tell Easterbrook to move him out.The MCD system can't afford to have this animosity between the operators and management. Right now the only way to stop it is to stop the tactic's and methods being used by Chris K. He is dead wrong about so many things but I don't think he will ever admit it. The operators must hold the line and not yield to this new found politeness we are beginning to see. I think he is a snake and will strike hard when he can.