November 10, 2017

Is McDonald's Running Out of People?

I guess if McDonald's Corp. can hire a know-nothing about McDonald's person off the street
to be USA President they can hire know-nothing training consultants.

Found this job description on Linkedin. A Training Consultant fresh from the street?


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of gobbledygook! Bottom line: White males need not apply. Modern and progressive.

Anonymous said...

Of course they are running out of people. Why else would they bring someone back after announcing his retirement to plug a vacancy in a RM position????

Anonymous said...

Four of the Ops Consultants in my region have failed (bankrupt)business histories in their past. WHY should I listen to a FAILURE??

Anonymous said...

From the job posting "In your job as a Training Consultant you will be in charge of changing the behavior of the staff, Owner/Operators, Restaurant operators and learners from all levels. "

I was not aware that their job was to "Change Operators" !!!

Anonymous said...

Answer is YES.

I’ve never seen it before, but YES. They ARE running out of people. Fact.