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November 10, 2017

Is McDonald's Running Out of People?

I guess if McDonald's Corp. can hire a know-nothing about McDonald's person off the street
to be USA President they can hire know-nothing training consultants.

Found this job description on Linkedin. A Training Consultant fresh from the street?


Anonymous said...

Of course they are running out of people. Why else would they bring someone back after announcing his retirement to plug a vacancy in a RM position????

Anonymous said...

Four of the Ops Consultants in my region have failed (bankrupt)business histories in their past. WHY should I listen to a FAILURE??

Anonymous said...

From the job posting "In your job as a Training Consultant you will be in charge of changing the behavior of the staff, Owner/Operators, Restaurant operators and learners from all levels. "

I was not aware that their job was to "Change Operators" !!!

Anonymous said...

Answer is YES.

I’ve never seen it before, but YES. They ARE running out of people. Fact.