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November 1, 2017

Extra, Read All About It

The pool of reporters we deal with are pretty well educated as to the reasons existing McDonald's Operators rarely, if ever, speak to the press. However, some reporters are
open to the idea of working with former McDonald's Operators.

If visitors to this website are former McDonald's Operators they might consider this 
media opportunity. Or, if visitors know of a former Operator who might be interested, 
please pass on this idea.

So far there are only two criteria: A) The former Operator(s) should be familiar with contemporary issues like EOTF, B) They should not expect to do this anonymously, it's
hard to tell a human interest story without naming the human.

Interested parties should contact ...

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Richard Adams said...

Looking back at my own post I should clarify something about "human interest". I don't think a reporter would want to write about the life story or the intimate details of an individual McDonald's Operator. Reporters, readers, and investors are more interested in the overall impact of McDonald's system changes on the Operator community. Attitudes, morale, and all that stuff. That's the human interest.