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November 4, 2017

Chili’s Streamlines Menu - McDonald's Goes Other Direction

Chili’s streamlined menu speeds up service times


Anonymous said...

Trouble is only people with ops experience understand the importance of simplification and very few decision makers at McDonald's corp have any ops knowledge or experience.

Anonymous said...

Was at a Chili’s the other day to check out menu and service since the new menu. The manager said that since the reduction of the menu, the “ticket time” was reduced from around 17 minutes to 8 minutes now. He didn’t say any results on sales but Food quality that day was much better and wait time was much less then before. They may have a smaller footprint but they exceeded my expectations. It’s amazing that the competitors we “fear” are restaurants with small, limited menus but deliver great quality food and service (i.e. - In and Out, Chik Fil A). I hope once the modernization stops we can go back to focusing on Operations to get the biggest return.