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November 22, 2017

These People Will Try To Handle Unfrozen Beef? Nationally?

McDonald's Pulls Buttermilk Crispy Tenders from Menus - QSR mag


Anonymous said...

No Richard this time I don't agree with your hit piece tone. Fresh Beef is another animal all together and even though it is scary in some ways... has nothing to do with the chicken product.

They simply created a product that the customers loved. Most of us long-timers were shocked at the demand of this fairly expensive product. So what a great challenge to have. Seriously, its the kind of problem our competitors wish they had, this product sold huge from day 1.

Fresh meat will be great to taste and unlike Wendy's it won't be held in its juices for a long time. The challenge will be making the sandwich to order, when its ordered and no holding period for 1/4 meat. Its put on the grill when the order comes in. Storage capacity in the cooler is going to be tight.

We had fresh meat when I started and so did competitors.

Hope the guests like it so much, McD runs out.

From ex long time McD person...

Richard Adams said...

I'm just saying - managing an unfrozen supply chain or product is far more challenging than managing a frozen supply chain. If you're an "ex long time McD person" you may not have been around to observe the retirements and downsizing of many experienced operations people. A bunch of accountants have taken over the company and they are determined to change everything. And yet they don't appear to have control over the basics such as supply chain.

It's likely we'll see more problems with the basics in the future.

Anonymous said...

The geniuses at McD FAILED to order enough Chicken Tenders supply, IN SPITE of aggressive sales targets. Therefore, we are going to be OUT OF TENDERS for at least one month!! Tens of thousands of customers will be effected. Did the same person place this order that directed the "Mighty Wings" fiasco???
Why does no one ever lose their job(s) over this??

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