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November 15, 2017

Franchise Times onThird-Party Delivery

Franchise Times magazine just wrapped their Restaurant Finance Conference in Las Vegas
and reporter Thomas Kaiser covers the discussion on delivery.

Third-Party Delivery No Longer Optional -

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Anonymous said...

of course, we picked the worst performer.

Anonymous said...

Two words, kick backs.

Anonymous said...

Just had RMS raise all my prices on delivery different prices than in store. They had it as an option on the new pricing round.

Anonymous said...

seems uber is just plain greedy, five dollars from the customer plus 15% from us plus a tip for the driver? makes no sense for a McDonald's

Anonymous said...

At a time where labor shortage is real it’s tough to roll out UberEats, Chicken Tenders, Mobile Ordering & fresh beef. A lot of additional pressure being put on MCD restaurants. Need to continue to simplify to offset additional pressures on our people.