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November 4, 2017

McChickens Are Flying All Over Philly

Uber's PR department seems to be operating independently of any of their "partners".

* If a McDonald's Operator gave out product mix information to the local press they'd
  get a call from the region or a nasty letter from Oak Brook legal.

* A hamburger is not a sandwich? Then how is a cheesesteak a sandwich? Strange.

* I hope this doesn't indicate a national trend. If delivery customers are ordering
  bags full of a deeply discounted sandwiches delivery is going to be very unprofitable.

UberEATS' most-delivered sandwich in Philly? You're McKidding

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Anonymous said...

Delivery is already very unprofitable. The operator pays UBER a 15% service charge ,and pays MCD rent and service fees on top of that.Few operators take 15% to the bottom line. WE LOSE. And I still am asking, but getting NO answers, WHO is liable for food bourne illness or foreign objects when delivered by UBER?????