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November 13, 2017

Next Remodel Initiative - After EOTF

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As long as they can force their 
tenant to pay for rebuilds - 
sky's the limit.

World’s fanciest McDonald’s is full of leather, gold and marble - NY Post


Anonymous said...

I recently asked how long the MRPs ,that I am being FORCED to do, would last before needing remodeled AGAIN. The answer was TEN YEARS.MCD will bankrupt many Operators.

Anonymous said...

Would not work in the USA not ADA ccomplainant needs an elevator! I wonder if all that new glass is an operator extra?

Richard Adams said...

I don't think anyone in McDonald's corporate management will let a store sit for ten years without multiple remodels. That would mean that the store you rebuilt this year would remain unchanged until 2027? Based on recent history there will be a major remodel (decor/seating) every five years and a complete rebuild on every rewrite.

Anonymous said...

McD has stated consistently NPR every 10. Now we know that can stretch a couple years, but they have stayed that consistently at the meetings.

That doesn't mean they won't be piling equipment on for new products like fresh meat. Current 2 platen grills will not handle cooking to order. The continuous introduction of new equipment coupled with mrp @10 years will move more operators out. Now does McD really think they can handle so many operators with very large organizations. I'm doubting it.

Anonymous said...

Get least one undisclosed “required” new equipment purchase coming early next year. Not a small one either, and you can’t sell products that require new equipment to cook.

Are any of these geniuses even at work today? My guess is a half day today and next week offices will be pretty quiet. Meanwhile, the cash registers and people who make all of this possible never sleep. Except maybe a nap during one of the seemingly daily required webcasts about the next initiative.

It’s funny- great ideas, TERRIBLE execution. Repeat.

I guess they’ve fired everyone who knows how to make things work.

Anonymous said...

$1 $2 & $3 raise all your other prices tell them had to pay for all the new equipment when we are not selling any $5 HOTG Signature Crafted & QPC they only have themselves to blame. You cannot sell stuff at a $1 and then buy high priced equipment and do fancy remodels. Pick a balance, focus on who you want to be; would love to be the restaurant for everyone but just not possible in todays marketplace.

Anonymous said...

The "partnership" is DEAD. MCD only cares about the stock price

Anonymous said...

Ray Kroc's 3 Legged Stool - McDonald's Corporate, Suppliers, Franchisees

Today's 3 Legged Stool - McDonald's Corporate, Suppliers, Shareholders (Modern and Progressive)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the fourth invisible leg, the under the table relationship between the suppliers and the corporate executives.

Anonymous said...

No, it's a one legged stool for at least the last 15 years: McDonald's Corporation.