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July 13, 2020

SSBBs Are So 2019

I've gotten some negative feedback on my comments about SSBBs. But none other than Coke agrees. I wonder, how many people are comfortable enough with their smart phones to use 
this kind of application?

We talk on our phones, we text, we e-mail, but in truth we use little of the phone's power. 

I carry a phone that could launch a mission to Mars but I only use its most basic functions.

It will be a few years (5/10?) before every consumer is ready to order their drink on their phone. Of course the younger generations will pick it up right away and that's why Coke
sent out this publicity photo of a twenty-something creating a drink on his phone.

But if Coke can leverage their experience from the implementation of 52,000 Freestyle machines into a replacement for the SSBBs they can corner the market and sell or lease a lot of equipment to QSRs. And get their syrup volume back up.


Anonymous said...

KO is backing a dead horse it will make it's way to the consumer product graveyard.

Anonymous said...

MCD will force us to buy the Coke freestyle machines because the self serve bar is dead. Think of all of the kickbacks and Coke stock that the MCD management will get to to cash in on!

Anonymous said...

Dumb... if you alreasy have a POS processed order. Why not just have a ABS with a scanner, the customer scans their code from the APP or RECEIPT.




Ill tell you where to sent the royalty check later...