Coalition of Franchisee Associations

July 10, 2020

Biden Fighting For $15

Biden says "incentivize unionization" and yes on $15.00 minimum wage


Anonymous said...

By the time they get done it will be $20.00 an hr.

Anonymous said...

Let’s just raise it to $100.00 a hour - stole it from RUSH

Starts day after SLEEPY JOE wins

we will raise drink prices to $2.00 to offset labor costs


Anonymous said...

Lol... you will never get off $1 drink. While most agree the financial reasoning exist to remove it, Dollar Any Size has evolved into a control mechanism with the Corporation.

Their measure is as long as that exist, they maintain absolute control over the brand.

Childish, I know... but its not Ray Krocs McDonalds any longer. We live in a world where 240 DT car counts with an average check of $3... outweighs a 90 DT car count, with a average check of $16

Some leople just think everyone is as dumb as they are..smh

Anonymous said...

Heres why a vote for Biden is idiotic;

Anonymous said...

The ONLY way we get off of OPNAD is for Vicki C and her team to grow a sine! (they wont)

otherwise why not hold a vote of EVERY OPERATOR and see who wins???!!!

Anonymous said...

I was shocked that OpNad scored so high on the recent survey. For me I want each voting member’s vote to be published and recorded. I am tired of my representatives hiding behind the anonymity of a closed vote.

I also want term limits, I know some think we have term limits today. What we have today is a way for someone to stay 20 to 30 years. They first get elected to a position for 2 terms, then move to a diversity post or a leadership position and once their terms are done then they get re-elected to a regular position. That is how we have the same faces and thoughts Year after Year. These operators mean no harm and everyone believes it is someone else’s fault. When in fact it is all of our fault. At least step away for 1 full term every 6 years.

We have allowed McD. to hold us hostage with the $1 drink inside the Extension agreement and most folks don’t even know it. We are our own worst enemy. That is why the NOA is important.