Coalition of Franchisee Associations

July 30, 2020

ADB says, "I'll Be Back"

Translated, this comment by Bloomberg's analyst Michael Halen means "Franchisee 
profit be damned, bring back all-day breakfast".

“McDonald’s kind of underperformed a little bit early on in the pandemic. I think part 

of that was the fact that they halted their all-day breakfast to kind of help to improve franchisee margins and throughput at the drive-thru during lunch and dinner times."
- Michael Halen

But we can't blame analysts. For four years they've been told ADB was a huge success.

It's now official Wall Street lore and management can't go back and say, "ADB was not a
big deal".

McDonald's Earnings Disappoint, Starbucks Beats - Restaurant Engine


Anonymous said...

Clueless Chris will read that and force ADB back on us. DONT LET IT HAPPEN. SUPPORT THE NOA!

Anonymous said...

If Leadership is smart they will leave it up to the Operator to make the decision. For me the right decision is to serve till 1:30pm. For others it might not be at all and for a few others 24 hours a day. We as operators need to be trusted to make the correct decision. I have never met an Operator that didn’t want to Due more in sales. But that has to be balanced with operations and profitability. I know it is hard for some to believe every sales dollar is not a Profitable one.

Anonymous said...

Ha. We'll be selling $1 everything on the app (if its not free) and fake meat, ADB, etc etc etc.

Why are we still selling espresso? Our customers avoid it like they will avoid the fake meat we will soon be forced to sell by our woke overlords in Chicago because espresso and fake meat are all the rage in their country club set (who never set foot in a MCD).

Why does corporate hate our customers and cater to people who will never patronize a McDonalds?

Anonymous said...

6 operators voted against the original vote in my coop 4 years or so ago. A lot of you should grow a pair and vote how you believe instead of voting out of fear.

Anonymous said...

Lol... you think your COOP vote matters? How many time I sat at Worldwide and Regional meetings, everyone said they voted No... yet it passed.

Your formality of voting is just that, a formality.. you never see a tally posted anywhere. You never will...

Anonymous said...

If you don’t have the integrity to vote how you believe McDonald’s is the perfect company for you! McDonald’s will keep plugging along while you sit there in disgust lol

Anonymous said...

Vote tallies are NEVER PUBLISHED. As Stalin once said, it matters not how or who you vote for, it matters who counts the votes. If you really want the truth, demand Opnad publishes votes! Of course Vickie won’t go along because she drank the koolaid.

Anonymous said...

I have been saying Publish each Reps votes. I think we have a right to know if our rep is voting our Will.

Richard Adams said...

Seems this is all back-asswards. Historically the most effective local Co-Ops were the ones who have a private/confidential votes. In a local Co-Op an Owner/Operator is voting in the best interest of their own business (theoretically). They have every right to cast that vote privately.

Conversely, members of OPNAD were elected to serve the interests of a broad number of Owner/Operators. How do those Owner/operators know if they've elected the right person if the votes aren't transparent?