Coalition of Franchisee Associations

July 13, 2020

Owner/Operators - The Cultural Conscience of McDonald's

Thanks very much to anonymous who sent in an insightful comment HERE including a
link to the YouTube video of the October NOA meeting.

Anonymous highlighted the speech by Larry Light. I'd only seen clips of his talk but the full
version is terrific! If you were in attendance it's worth a re-watch. If you haven't seen it - it's
the best 35 minutes you'll spend this week.

As anonymous indicates, Larry's portion begins with Blake's introduction 21 minutes in. 

The video is HERE

Again, the anonymous comment is HERE


Anonymous said...

There are two types of leaderships, those that push their troops forward and hope for success. Those that say, 'Follow Me' and lead their troops to success.

The NOA hoping there will be a simultaneous upwelling in the restaurants is simply leading from behind. Instead, it needs a simple message, with an initial simple message.. backed by a more robust plan should PLAN A fail to acquire the proper attention.

However, if operators cannot coordinate a simple rebellion around $1 drink.. how will they quell the upcoming multi-million dollar demands perculating in the corporate minds today?

People created the NOA for leadership, not just guidance. Joining was their uprising, the leadership needs to be willing to break some dishes. Otherwise, your great ideas looks like whining. Crap, or get off the pot.

Anonymous said...

MCD management hates us and our customers. They love being in charge of a Fortune 500 company but hate that it is McDonald's.

As Larry says in his speech, they are trying to make us into Starbucks or Apple. Anything but a fast food burger restaurant that Americans have loved for 70 years.

As the above poster says, if NOA can't lead us away from the wrong headed corporate drain on our our savings and financial future, no one can.

Anonymous said...

MCD will force us to buy the Coke freestyle machines because the self serve bar is dead. Think of all of the kickbacks and Coke stock that the MCD management will get to to cash in on!