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July 8, 2020

A Rare WSJ Article

WSJ articles don't appear here often because they're behind a pretty expensive 
paywall. But this is worth a peek as it ties in with the previous post  If you are not 
a WSJ subscriber check back as these articles often appear on other sites for 
no $$$. We'll them find them when they show up.

Buffets and Salad Bars, Closed by the Pandemic, Remain Roped Off - WSJ

This CNN article is very similar to the WSJ article


Anonymous said...

So basically, buffets and salad bars are dead. Hooray!

Now lets close playplaces and beverage bars!

Richard Adams said...

I walked by a Redbox machine today and it looked different. It's been converted to a "no contact" machine. I didn't rent a movie so I didn't see it work but the credit card reader and the screen have been completely changed out. Everybody's getting into the act.

Also, this should be the end of the Coke Freestyle experiment.