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July 12, 2020

Downsizing an Overbuilt Industry

53% of restaurants closed amid coronavirus have shuttered permanently

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Anonymous said...

Lol, McDonalds released a Social Media film of COVID PROTECTIONS (McSafe) with handwash sink on outdoor exterior wall (no restaurant has this), without an automatic water dispenser (which are requirements), no automatic dispensers (which are requirements)...

A transaction using a cambro bin, that never gets sanitized. Santizing a lobby table, which the person needed a 2nd person handing them materials.. cleans the table, then places the contaminated reused signage back on the sanitized table.

The person shown eating in the lobby looks like they just endured a sideways enema, all alone.. and Im like, who wants to do that... especially after watching this...

Who the hell reviews this crap before its released?

Im sure theres some corporate dimwit grining ear over their masterpiece.. that is NEGATIVELY impacting sales.

Operators conteol over 95% of the restaurants, is there no one with balls enough to say.. wait a minute, this justnt make sense? Or is the franchise leadership endorsing this sort of mismarketing horsecrap?