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July 12, 2020

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Just skip to the last paragraph.

McDonald's Unveils a Net Zero Energy Restaurant (But Stumbles on Other Initiatives to Reduce Its Carbon Footprint)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this article and I did as you requested, skipped to the last paragraph and it, yet again, proves the point that pandering to groups of people who hate us, who do not and will never step foot in our restaurants is not only an expensive, completely futile and stupid waste of time, energy and futility but it in fact is harmful to our business, our culture and our customers.

The company appears to have an unrelenting obsession with impressing people who will never shop in our restaurants under any circumstances and they will never be satisfied with any efforts made to that end.

Our customers care little about carbon footprints and corporate social responsibility, they’re too busy working, feeding kids, getting from point A to point B and all they want from us is great products at a reasonable price quickly in a clean restaurant or DT, maybe by a friendly staff member. Styrofoam cups are still asked for, they don’t care about political statements from us and they don’t care how green we are.

One small but important change is our exhaust fan motors. Used to cost about $150, available at any industrial supply store. About 6 years ago McDonald’s switched to GreenChek motors, they cost about $1100 and they’re only available direct from the manufacturer and there is one for fryers, one for grills- not interchangeable. You’ll learn this when your motor fails on Friday as it always does and unless you’ve got $2200 in motors sitting in the back room you’ll either wire around the interlock or you’ll go without a fryer or a grill until Tuesday. And when you’re done you’ll pay $300 for overnight shipping. This is what they’ve done and they’ve done it to everything, large and small. Maybe that’s why a new store costs twice what it did 10-15yrs ago, that and whatever else is buried in the completely opaqued construction budgets.

We need to love the customer we have and stop trying to impress who will never be satisfied.

Watch this, start at 21:00. It’s the best speech I’ve ever heard about where we are, how it happened and how to dig out and it doesn’t include chasing the endless loop of the corporate responsibility goons.

Anonymous said...

Green buildings are a nice to do for government agencies, corporate PR but have horrible ROI and for business owners just make them less competitive in their market place.

Anonymous said...

Can someone “leak” the recent survey results instead of us getting bs spin from the cronies.