Coalition of Franchisee Associations

July 28, 2020

McDonalds Corp Q2 2020 Results

Mcdonalds Corp 2020 Current Report 8-K


Anonymous said...

Here we go with foolish additions to the menu. Non fat milk is being auto shipped in a couple weeks, we are going to be in the same menu board position we were pre-Covid in a few short months. If the NOA is the only hope like some commenters have said, then where is the NOA?!?! I’m making more money being down 2% than I was last year up 5%!

Anonymous said...

Corp rewards the stockholders(and themselves!) AGAIN,while they cant budge to give operators a lousy two week extension on fees. Partners?? HA!

Anonymous said...

Remember it is only a Partnership when McD. wants something from you. When you ask for something, they will Put together a team to study it and 2 years later say NO.

Anonymous said...

MCD management caters only to stockholders who in turn listen to stock analysts, very few of whom know anything about restaurant operations (Howard Penny is a notable exception).

The analyst community is ALL about discounting, delivery, fake meat and all day breakfast. They are looking at stockholders who get MCD money off the top line. So what if you have to sell $1 McCafe stuff that costs you $1.05 (which MCD sells for full price in grocery and convenience stores to compete against operators)?

If an operator goes out of business, MCD just re-franchises it to another operator and the stream of fees and rents continues without interruption. We need to step up to protect the streamlined menu now!!! Otherwise menu creep will Destry our profitability. No one else cares but us.