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July 18, 2020

Coke, Your Customers, and Their Phones

Coke claims there are 52,000 Freestyle machines in service?

Pre-pandemic, one of the McDonald's stores I frequented has plenty of seating, a Playplace, 
a full size SSBB,  and does well over $3 million a year. When things are busy there is always a line 2 or 3 deep at the SSBB. I'm imagining guests standing in front of a Freestyle machine screwing around with their phones trying to make the app work and trying to decide what 
exotic drink they want to create. The line will stretch back to the kiosks.

Given the transaction counts at the typical McDonald's it would take three, maybe four Freestyle machines to replace one of today's SSBBs.

NRN on touch-less

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Richard Adams said...

I have some recent experience with this kind of thing. Two weeks ago I pulled into a big box retailer gas station. I picked the lane with only one car ahead and at the pump. The driver was a young woman who'd just gotten out of her car and she started waving her phone at the gas pump.

She waved and waved her phone and was obviously frustrated. Suddenly she took off for the cashier booth and was gone for several minutes. She's back and again waving the phone at the gas pump. She takes off again for the cashier booth. Apparently, she paid cash or credit because she came back and started pumping gas.

I was in a hurry and so frustrated I forgot to examine the pump to see what kind of tech she was trying to access. Twelve minutes to put a little gas in my truck. We'll see a lot of that kind of thing in the future. Some of it in front of a Freestyle machine.