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November 19, 2019

There are two groups of people who will never be happy with anything - Vegans and Environmentalists

Burger King sued over cooking Impossible Whoppers on same grills as meat - Restaurant Dive



Anonymous said...

I have stated that would happen on this Venue. We need to runaway from the Plant based problem.

We have done many things to try and win over the Environmental and Overly health minded folks and it never works.

We took Calories and taste out in the 90’s and almost crippled the US business. We brought in a NO Fat burger and sold so few it was laughable. We Stopped using harmful Styrofoam packaging in the 80’s and we got NO credit, we stopped using Styrofoam tea cups in 2018 and got NO credit.

Less just do what we do well, Good Food - FAST.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Burger King is now in a lawsuit too regarding cooking plant based protein on the same grill as actual meat. let's not go down this plant based path

Anonymous said...

No. Don't do it. Great publicity but no increase in sales. Just modern & progressive PR. Open to litigation for 10 transactions per day.
We just need Hot Tasty (non discounted) Food served Lightning Fast. Simple.

Anonymous said...

Environmentalists, vegans, AND Liberals/Progressives