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November 13, 2019

Burger King Franchisee - We Screwed Up

Burger King discount 'mistake' costs franchisee millions: 'We screwed up' | Fox News


Anonymous said...

I think the point being there are so many deals being offered people learn how to stack them, slow down service, McD's gets their slice off the top; do we as franchisees really make money and are they worth it? Wonder in McD's how many offers we have that are unprofitable?

Anonymous said...

Novelty idea, remove discounts and revenues increase. So if BK was losing $1.50 with their 2 for $4, 2 for $5, or 2 for $6 with discounting drinks and fries.

The real question is, how much does McDonalds restaurants lose, when it offers those discounts when offering a $1.00 drink and Global Mobile App give away a FREE fry?

Worse is when you transitioned from 2 for $6, and do a BOGO for a $1 that steals even more revenue from the operator. If such a great TC builder, why isnt these offerings Rent and Service Fee free?

Sharing the finacial loss?

Not to mention placing FRESH BEEF on the offer, which takes more time, and slows down service even further.

Anonymous said...

Many customers stack discounts by placing one order at the kisok and other at front counter great for TC counts bad for profitability.

Anonymous said...

You use PROMOTION ENGINE on 2 for $5, this is not a discount. You used to hope they add a drink and a fry, to bolster the sale.

They add a $1 Drink... also not a discount.

Adding FREE FRY WITH ANY PURCHASE, the first discount.

Now, wonder what the real financial loss is... it isnt rent or service fee.