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November 5, 2019

A Small Fraction of the Avalanche of McDonald's Articles

McDonald's CEO Shakeup Higlights Franchisee Battle - Business Insider

New McDonald's CEO Has Tense Relationship With Franchisees - Crains

Another Executive Leaves McDonald's - Restaurant Business


Anonymous said...

The Business Insider article quotes Operator Courtney Goodwin and Travis Heriaud. Unfortunately they are in corps pocket and are not popular with their fellow Operators. And neither is a member of the NOA. Sellouts both

Anonymous said...

I wonder which MCD exec chose the two operators to have quoted in the article?

Anonymous said...

Heriaud was one of the people who endorsed the disastrous BBV2020 reinvestments. Hardly a representative source.

Anonymous said...

Chris K would be wise to recognize the NOA,and stop sending Operator shills in front of the media. According to a NFLA operator/friend, "Goodwin is VERY close to Chris K". (emphasis on VERY)
Curious ?????????????????


Anonymous said...

Silvia Lagnado, Robert Gibbs, Steve Easterbrook, David Fairhurst. Regardless of what you think of them this company is losing execs like rats leaving a sinking ship.

#ChrisK is NOT the Answer

Anonymous said...

McD's is starting to remind me of BK in the 90's for 10 years they went through 8 CEO's and a revolving door with corporate executives. Say what you want about 3G/RBI but they brought stability to the brand and at least franchisees know who they are dealing with and have a clear direction, not a new CEO's & executive teams' experiment of ideas.

BK during that time lost 100's upon 100's of franchisees a lot of very smart local feet on the ground restauranters, the majority of franchisees left operating now are large private equity companies etc. The small franchisees that have survived are ones that have owned the real estate for 20-30 years. In McD's we don't own the real estate the small will not survive and this company, unfortunately, has now lost most of the brand loyalty at the executive level.

Chris K has demonstrated he does not have the skill set to operate, run, leadership direction, learn, listen, surround himself with people that can give good information to lead a worldwide global company shame on the BOD's for failing the shareholders, franchisee and suppliers of this once great brand and company.

Anonymous said...

Travis speaking for operators, is like Chris K speaking of his decades of MCD franchise experience. None you say...

Operators that talk with Travis check two things, their wallet and their back when walking away.

Anonymous said...

Goodwin has a close relationship with Chris K

Anonymous said...

So two operator shills get quoted,but who speaks for the other(majority) side?

BTW- NOA Operator membership nationwide has reached 74%

MMGA- Join the NOA