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November 24, 2019


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Dunkin donuts is in the news this morning for eliminating styrofoam cups.... Customers have been hoarding them, and "gladly paying for an extra foam cup" This is good for us.

But at what point, do we let a small group of people dictate our business decisions? Customers want this cup.... bring it back until it's outlawed. until then, McDonald’s is giving an advantage to all c-stores and others that sell a foam cup. (Oh, by the way our breakfast tc's are down..... because we need to be faster. we should do a something to speed that up. surely it's the easiest way to bring customers back..... I digress)

the article ends saying the new "replacement cup" can not be easily recycled..... what's the point then?

I should also note -- this same cup is being pushed around mcdonald-land as a savior. it's not. bring back foam and let's satisfy our customer base! NOA can you please help with this?

Anonymous said...

The problem with bringing back a foam cup is that our suppliers closed down those production lines and retooled to make millions and millions of paper cups for us, Dunkin and other larger chains. The c-stores and others that still use foam simply don't sell enough cups to justify re-opening lines of the former capacity.

Richard Adams said...

There are still a large number of foam cups being manufactured. There are a lot of C-stores selling a lot of drinks. There are a lot of McDonald's competitors still using foam cups.

The biggest obstacle to going back would be the political "progressives" who run McDonald's Corp. They will buy into the whacko environmental agenda despite the damage it might do to the business.

Anonymous said...

I would rather put C02 Sequestration sites at our restaurants than give up foam. now that would actually be modern and progressive.

Anonymous said...

Richard, you are correct that c-stores and small competitors are still using foam. However, all of them combined don't sell as many foam cups as either of MCD or DNKIN alone. Whole different ballgame. Even small competitors like HoneyDew Donuts in New England switched to a double wall paper cup to copy DNKN. It was on the front page of the Boston Globe and other New England papers.

Foam in less quantity will get a tad more expensive with the big players out.and you're right that they will stay out due to political pressure from the small group of elites that are friends with management. They think that their echo chamber is the whole USA, and it clearly is not (hey there, President Trump how did you get elected? Nobody at my I've y League Club voted for you!).

Those people don't go to MCD or DNKN anyway, no matter what coffee is served in.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that foam can be very efficiently recycled, but must be collected and recycled separate from most other plastics. We could have back our foam cups if we also offered a collection/take-back program but that would be a lot of work.