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November 9, 2019

Bloomberg Recaps The Week

New McDonald’s CEO has tense relationship with franchisees


Anonymous said...

To say there is tension is a huge understatement. I do not trust him one little bit. He was hired and put in place as Easterbrook’s hit man. I don’t think he had planned on being at McD for more than 5 yrs. Quick in, Quick disruption and Quick get out. Now we are stuck with the Devil himself. I have wasted money on Kiosks that are not being used, Chairs people can not get out of and Overly Priced Decor packages. I am hopeful he will be so busy Internationally he will leave the USA alone.

I should have sold out and left when I first saw this crap. I was in the first meeting do to being a RLC chair, it was in January and my Pocket has been picked clean ever since. Looking for the Door in 18 months.

Anonymous said...

Chris K. was completely out of touch with the MCD franchise community where the money comes from to operate the company. in addition, he didn't care about a relationship with the franchisee's. It was not until excellent leadership in the franchise community organized to speak with one voice and educate him on real world business business operations. Reinvestments were forced on franchisee's who could not afford it and were forced to take on debt where the return was well below what was projected. Many are still servicing that debt and will be for another five or six years. "K" severed important relationships with proven general contractors not allowing contractors who have been doing our work for many years. He was and remains very disruptive. To say his relationship with the franchisee's is "tense" is an understatement. There is much we don't know about Easterbrooks firing. His statement and that of the board was well rehearsed, tightly written and coordinated clearly hiding many facts. The firing of Fairhurst speaks volumes. "K" worked daily and very closely with Easterbrook and had to know something.

Anonymous said...

Its not Ray Krocs restaurants any longer... the tactics that build a world renown brand are irrelevant at the alter of modernism with leadership without any ketchup in their veins..