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November 18, 2019

McDonald's Employees Shocked by CEO's Termination

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McDonald's employees were shocked by CEO's termination - Business Insider


Anonymous said...

Below is a free link to the Business Insider story which is behind their paywall:

Richard Adams said...

Thanks for that. Kind of sneaky of Business Insider. With the exception of the WSJ I try not to post articles that are behind pay-walls. I am not a subscriber of Business Insider but yesterday I was able to open that article, print, and post it.

But today it's behind their paywall. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Chris K sent a video message to the field office summits, it is clear that he at least is somewhat aware of the general feeling in the field- at least he acknowledged the mistake of “McTeam” and what flowed from that.

He will never take responsibility for the breadth and depth of the harm it caused to so many. Some lost restaurants, some lost their entire business- ran out of the system for often short sighted and naive reasoning at best.

I noticed that there was significantly more applause for our supplier sponsors than there was for our new CEO. I will never trust him, his opening remarks stayed centered on himself, how he got where he is. The fact that his instinct is to think of himself first goes to the core of the problem- character. While traditional leadership generally involves the accumulation and exercise of power by one at the “top of the pyramid,” effective leadership is different. The effective leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. He seems to be learning but he’s still far from what we need right now.

It’s embarrassing and disappointing at the lack of enthusiasm for our CEO. We should be excited and enthusiastic but the truth is I know nobody who is excited or enthusiastic except for those who work for him. Disappointed and wary is a better characterization of the field and if they care they’ll listen. We don’t want more than our share- we just want to trust our corporate partners to look for our best interests and I cannot think of any of his ideas that do anything but put his interests first. The list is long and well documented here.

I hate to write this, I want him to succeed but he’s going to have to earn trust and he just keeps falling short. Out of touch, lack of humility and putting himself first is the view from here.

Anonymous said...

To all of you who want to get behind a paywall, try this- it works.

Copy/paste the url of whatever you want to read, paste it there and you’re probably able to read it- worked for 90% of the articles I try to read.

Anonymous said...

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