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November 30, 2019

Analyst Sees Beyond Meat "Phased Rollout" at McDonald's

William Blair is bullish on the pilot program between BYND and MCD


Anonymous said...

McLean Deluxe Part 2.

Anonymous said...

It already lost momentum at Burger King, as people are more educated on its less healthy properties. Wont stop idiots at MCD hoping for a quarterly stock bounce, even if its a restaurant loss long-term.

Oh, thats right... they dont own restaurants any longer.

Anonymous said...

Wont we need a new grill so we don't get sued by cooking it on same grill as beef like BK? FOOLISH MOVE.

Protect your equity-JOIN the NOA

Anonymous said...

The equity killer ghost of Don Thompson is never far away from the store: First McCafe; now Beyond Meat.

Anonymous said...

IF non meat alternatives are so popular, WHY DONT WE SELL MORE SALADS than we do??

Anonymous said...

If this ever comes to a vote we must vote no. This is window dressing, not something that we can build our business on. The Owners Business not McDonald’s Business.

Let me be clear, if McDonald’s sells 50 units a week X 14,000 stores = 36 million per year. They will make good money on that.
On the Owner side 50 units per week is an interruption in flow, more complex system and a loss in profits.

This is the problem. We have competing interests.

That’s why I would remove the following: Salads, Kid Frys, Hazelnut Syrup, Bagels (I sell les than 35 a week per store) and tenders for starters. I want to do what we can do well and best.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, and yes. I agree whole-heartedly. I’m a millennial operator and I can see that this is a fad. Please, please, please don’t go down this path. I have read quite a bit about environmental concerns, of which, this “meat alternative” is the primary reason to introduce... There is truly modern solutions to this problem. That being, global warming and harming the environment. Ie C02 Sequestration.

Eliminating meat is not the solution. And eliminating our plastic straws are not the solution or eliminating our foam cups. I’m a huge supporter of being environmentally conscience, but these things will not make a meaningful difference. And certainly won’t draw in customers who do not frequent our restaurants. It actually does the opposite. It pisses off our current customer base..... if Corporate McDonald’s reads this blog, just don’t do it.

It’s like most things in life, a select minority seems to dictate decisions for the majority. Get out of the liberal ivory tower of Chicago and talk to most of the country. They will tell you, simply, they care but they really don’t.

Especially when surveys are conducted. It’s similar to how we are “ranked” last in every survey ever given about Qsr... when we also do more volume than all our competitors (except Chick-fil-a) people vote with dollars not their surveys. That’s why marketing exists.

Anonymous said...

McDonald's sustainability: Require all top Corporate management personnel and Board of Director candidates to run a store profitably for two years before they are hired, promoted or appointed into their position. Call them "Sustainability Applicants". I think Ray would approve.