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November 3, 2019

McDonald's Can Survive Without Easterbrook - McDonald's Cannot Survive Being Run By Kempczinski

Steve Easterbrook Fired as McDonald’s C.E.O. - The New York Times



Anonymous said...

I know you only take polite comments
do this probably will not hit the responses

STEVIE just cannot stop SC****** people
can he?

there was plenty of talk even a year ago
that he would not be at WW

winner winner - chicken dinner

I lost a register person last week -
sure going to miss him

STEVIE - need to think that one

BUMMER - I was looking forward to
the video of the office - maybe CRIS
will show us

How many millions is he walking away


what happened to our FAMILY business?

WW sure will be interesting


Richard Adams said...

On a night like tonight pretty much anything goes.

Anonymous said...

Even more reason to join the NOA. We collectively need to stay strong, direct the dictator, and make sure we are United on equitable strategies. I can only hope Chris K understands why the NOA came to existence and will adjust his paradigm in this new role. However, knowing that a CEOs tenure is about 3 years, he also could use this platform to finish his money grab and live happily ever after...

Anonymous said...

BOD should know better than to promote Chris K. He doesn't have the experience to run the global operation. He is not respected by operators or others. Were it not for the hand holding by the NOA he would still be spending our money. All this talk about our deep bench and they promote an arrogant short timer who thinks he knows more than he does. Watch the stock price melt away. There are so many more qualified people out there than "K". What is the thinking?

We really do need the NOA now. International operators send in your dues.

Anonymous said...

HOWDY DUDDY looks safe

Won’t have that problem will he


No one expected that vision



Richard Adams said...

The BOD probably had no choice. He could be a placeholder until they can find someone with real restaurant and franchising experience. But you have to give "K" credit - he downsized the bench until he was the last man standing.

Anonymous said...

There is no one left in the US leadership to lead the USA, and no one with restaurant expereince to lead the system.

Another round of US regional consolidations pending, and automation cost to operators to facilitate it.

People said, it coukdnt get worse. It just did..

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Richard.. but isnt that a sign the BOD has no vision for the brand. A rudderless brand.. the NOA better step up!

Richard Adams said...

I used to be critical of the BOD in that it was dominated by McDonald's suppliers. Today's MCD BOD is populated by people with little or no connection to McDonald's. The closest they get is the chairman who's been on the board since 1996 and the chairman emeritus (does he even go to their meetings?) who was a MCD paper and packaging supplier and dates back to the early days of the system.

I don't know if we look to the BOD of any company for "vision", isn't that usually provided by the founder or the CEO?

Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this. Chris? Seriously?! What is the first comment saying... what is WW? I can't even understand

Richard Adams said...

I assume that refers to the World Wide convention in 2020.

Anonymous said...

You know, I always found it odd that our labor reduction strategy was often referred to as “Steve’s plan”. Supposedly to lower labor costs by a significant percentage.... my conspiracy theory is that now Steve is gone, there is no labor savings coming. That was “Steve’s thing” but we’ll do our best to address your concerns. (And who knows how long this exit was known about) it will be interesting to see what kind of severance he will get... if it’s even a dollar, there’s probably more dirt to uncover here.

It’s really amazing how much operators have been taken advantage of. “For the opportunity to partner with the Brand” aka we will use your capital and access to capital to implement “OUR” plan. Useful idiots. That’s what we are. I’ve unfortunately seen way too many operators— truly good operators and people — leave the system unceremoniously. If you think that you’re doing a “good job” by following the company line, you too will leave the system with little regard. In short, we need to look out for one another. The NOA is the best thing that’s happened in a long time. There are a lot of ways to make money in this world. Selling your soul to be apart of McDonalds shouldn’t be one of them.

Join the NOA

Anonymous said...

The stock price crashes tomorrow. And Chris K will be a disaster. Very anti operator.

Anonymous said...

Analysts....please take note and realize what is happening here. The company and board of directors protected a person of no integrity. It is no coincidence that the timing of this announcement/realization comes only days after the stock price takes a dive. This is how this group of management operates. Analysts....please realize that the newly appointed CEO, Chris K, is a place holder. His vision is drowning franchisees in debt to fund sub par building/technology investments to impress all of you. Not to truly grow the McDonald’s brand or business. Analysts...please reflect your opinions on the stock price. The only way to truly grow the McDonald’s brand is to serve better food, faster. Anything less coming from McDonald’s management is “smoke and mirrors”. The new CEO elect is a move of desperation. He is not a respectable business leader and has his own agenda. Time will show this, if he lasts long enough (longer than a couple months) to show any results. Analysts...please communicate with the NOA for real, non filtered, information on the direction of this company. Without owner operators, McDonald’s management would not be able to function as it does today (which wouldn’t be a bad thing) however, would disrupt the economics that are in place. The new CEO has an Anti-Owner Operator agenda and it is reflected in the Owner’s confidence or lack there of him. Now is the time to become a better company to our customers, the ones that have come to love the McDonald’s of the years earlier. The customers that have lost their interest in our brand. Analysts...the reason I emphasize your involvement is McDonald’s management seems to only care about your opinion. This is crucial to a change for the better as the operator community is filled with good intentional people that care about the LONG TERM sustainability of our business. And as a company with our scope and scale, we have the ability to grow the business and continue to make a difference in all of the communities that we do business in! All of the places WE call home. Not just in a board or office in downtown Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully we will now stop hearing “MODERN AND PROGRESSIVE “

Richard Adams said...

Great thought-starter for the analysts, but don't put communications with the NOA on them. Most analysts who cover MCD would love to have such communications. But that's up to the leadership of the NOA, not the analysts.

Establishing such communications would be very easy. Sell-side analysts live in an intensely competitive world and their future depends on "channel-checks".

The NOA would be one hell of a channel-check.

Anonymous said...

woke up with some GREAT news

early CHRISTMAS present

need to thank someone for taking one
for the team

GREAT comments - keep them coming

one down - one to go - HOWDY will be
gone before WORLD WIDE - in my

Did you see the statement GIBBS
wrote for him. I AM HAPPIEST WHEN
OPERATORS & CREW. makes me
want to puke.

must of happened weeks ago - they put
out a statement on a Sunday afternoon

reminds me of one of the country’s
leaders several years ago “ I DID NOT

Celebrate by having a cigar today


CRIS has to get out ASAP

Anonymous said...

BOD made a easy decision to replace that person
not going to even mention his name

my crew people are talking about it - making some
very funny jokes that would not fly on this post
Sure you all are hearing them to

baseball just ended - just like BB the BOD put
in a new pitcher CRIS - he will get hit so hard
expect him to be out of the game within
a inning or two.

this is a sad day for our brand MCDONALDS

CRIS acceptance message is a joke - who
does he think he is fooling? Need to have
someone look at his press statement sentence
by sentence and add up the lies he is stating

back to that person that left - he wishes us the
best - lying to us right to the last day and hour

CRIS - will say the same when he is gone
in a few months

So grateful for the NOA -

Guess there is another house for sale in


Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to whether or not the tons of material we have been receiving lately on workplace safety/harassment was designed to cover steve's butt. all that material cost tons of money to the system.

Anonymous said...

If they (BOD) were smart they would have gotten Blake Casper for USA President.

Anonymous said...

STEVE wants his privacy now

After he burnt the MCD family out of
billions - - he wants his privacy

What is you BIG BOLD plan now STEVE?

Embarrassing to the MCD family

Some great comments RICHARD -
agree that CRIS will be gone very

NOA is the way forward - thanks BLAKE

best wishes for the NOA - stay strong

How much of a buy out will he get?

last time those words will be used


Anonymous said...

First State of business with the NOA.

Anonymous said...

He will survive until May 2020 - if he isn't already started grooming his resume for his outing. He isn't a "Sticker", his reputation is as a hatchet-man. He has 4 years MCD experience, and most of that is with declining transactions. The year-end numbers will not be favorable to him, and the stock will continue to flounder. It will take some serious negotiating with the NOA to balance and redirect the system - which is doubtful.

My prediction will be a double-down of the Anti-Ray / Anti-Operator doctrine (now at a worldwide level), with another consolidation of USA Corporate assets to further manage cost (balance the stock) and limit field rebellion. Not that there's much left, as most are no name contractors anyways. The Board of Directors has to be researching Don Thompson or Mike Roberts at this point. Anyone with somewhat of an idea what the brand is about.

Interesting there isn't any announcements on Worldwide 2020? Perhaps there's a fear of bringing the Worldwide Operator system to one location?

First Quarter may be good with SALES, if they remove much of the discounting and promotional gimmicks by year-end. Also doubtful, for that would take out-of-the-box initiatives that this rubber-stamp leadership doesn't have. However, may be surprising - as drowning people tend to be surprising in their tactics to stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Here's the payout.... It will take a little more digging to get the exact number, but 26 weeks of base salary. Prorated TIP, and can exercise stock options....

Chris K. will get a base salary of 1,250,000 (this is all public information through the link above) So assuming that base pay was the same for Steve, he's getting 626K pay, prorated tip and stock options he can exercise.

According to Morningstar, Steve has 273,000 shares of McDonald's Stock. if he can exercise all of these shares that's 273K * 190/share....... Drumroll please, 51.8 Million.

Don't get me wrong, I want people to make money. But as an operator, I'm not sure I will ever see what kind of cash as profit for me and my family.

Anonymous said...

This is a rare opportunity to vote out $1 anysize drinks. Expect a huge push by corp to pass it.

Anonymous said...

For the commenters askking analysts to take note of your points---the best way is to show up nest week WHERE EVERY ANALYST THAT COVERS MCD AND EVERY OTHER PUBLICLY TRADED RESTAURANT FRANCHISE WILL BE.

THey are covering the CFA Symposium occurring on the last day of the Restaurant Finance and Development Conference specifically to talk to restaurant franchise owners. THe analysts will be there at RFDC and CFA.

Show up and share you opinions there. They will flock around you, turst me. Richard said it above; the analysts are more than eager to talk to owners. It is up to owners to show up and share with them. They will fall over themselves to talk to you. Expect dinner invitations, coffee, a beer etc. have to show up there.

Anonymous said...

Vote out $1 coffee and $2 espresso drinks while we still have corporate in reaction mode!!!!!

They are making $$$$$ competing against us with McCafe in grocery stores charging more, why can't we?

Anonymous said...

MCD shares have fallen from a high of $221.93 to todays $192.18. (a 13% drop) MCD execs better wake up soon or all their "Golden Parachutes" will implode.