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November 26, 2019

MCD Shareholders Upset W/ CEO Golden Parachute

McDonald's under fire for CEO exit deal - Restaurant Business


Anonymous said...

$42,000,000.00 is chump change for the pajama boys in Chicago. What did Don Thompson get? They will probably find a way to blame it on Operators and raise our fees!

Anonymous said...

Thompson only got $2.1 million ! AND he got a sweetheart consulting deal:

WASTING money is a Chicago tradition !

Anonymous said...

This is money out of the system that corporate will need to recoup. Guess where they always go for that?

Besides the obvious cost of this being thrust on operators, who cares what the NYC Comptroller's personal political opinion is? The institutions, if they own no MCD shares, same thing.

If they (or NYC's pension fund) own shares and are whiny, SELL! No one made you but MCD shares. You did it to make money, and you did. Now shut up about it.

Anonymous said...

Any other Employee in my day would have lost all benefits if Fired for cause.

He compromised the Integrity of the system. By the way he had more than 1 inappropriate romantic interludes. This is one we’re the husband got mad.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that we are dealing with Don Thompson and Beyond Meat as a part of his severance agreement ??? (under the table of course)

Anonymous said...

The woman involved will have a huge opportunity to write a tell all book. just like the women at FOX did. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Suggested titles-

"Under the Big Mac"
"Im lovin it"
" French fries, Egg McMuffins or ME?"
"Nobody can do it like McDonalds can"
"At McDonalds, we do it ALL for you"

Anonymous said...

I think Mac tonight might be a viable title as well.


Mac’d the inside story of scandal, retaliation, and retribution.
Subtitle: how one man screwed many shareholders.
Sub subtitle: Via Stock buy backs and artificial share gains.
Sub Sub Subtile: Also screwing thousands of stakeholders along the way.
Sub Sub Sub Subtile: then retires and buys an English soccer team.
Sub Sub Sub Sub Subtitle: And how you can do it too.
Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Subtitle: A true American thriller.
Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub .... you get the point.