Coalition of Franchisee Associations

July 15, 2019

Monday Morning Chuckle

This morning's E-mail included an advertisement from Anchor Packaging who appears to be
an industry leader. Look at all the pretty plastic packaging!

Meanwhile, the environmentalist whackos are hassling the food-to-go industry about plastic straws, cups, lids forks and many other items that provide a pleasant customer experience.
And two little girls in London are getting headlines around the world for starting an on-line
petition to stop the use of plastic Happy Meal toys.

Imagine the headquarters of a major restaurant chain. At one end of the building, in the 
office of "Sustainability" the staff (all pajama boys) are working on changing everything 
about the company's packaging thereby degrading the customer experience.

At the other end of the building, the operations staff is working on the delivery program and are searching for ways to use plastics by the ton to improve the quality of delivered food.

On the top floor the CEO is trying to figure out how to be politically correct and still make
profit in the restaurants. 


Anonymous said...

One of the biggest mistakes we ever made was to eliminate the Styrofoam sandwich clamshells that kept our food HOT! All to please some environmental whackos.

Anonymous said...

The only miss in your take is that the CEO on the top floor doesn't need to make a profit in the restaurants. He needs to refrain hide the few that he has left. He really doesn't care. If the current flock of operators goes out, he still owns the land and buildings and can resell them (coaching- free money for buybacks!) cheaply to the next flock that can make a profit bEcause of the low price.

Wake up and join NOA if you care about stopping that.