Coalition of Franchisee Associations

July 23, 2019

Minimum Wage Hypocrisy on Parade

Bernie Sanders single-handedly exposes the Democrats’ minimum wage fraud


Anonymous said...

Overwhelmingly the public does not get the economics of raising the minimum wage so wages will continue to rise and more so in blue states, so I will continue to roll with it and raise prices my biggest issue is McDonald's and my inability to have a menu board pricing structure that makes sense to reflect the higher operating costs.

Anonymous said...

Higher minimum wages adds even more importance to getting rid of any size dollar drinks- NOW!!!!!!

MCD profits and stock price soars while Operator profits plummet.

Anonymous said...

Pressure to increase the minimum wage will really slam the "Mom & Pops" of the world. All of our suppliers and theirs will be paying the wage increases and that will be reflected in their back door prices. As wages are forced upward wholesale prices will also be forced upward. The low volume chains will get hit hard and may fold sending customers our way.

Anonymous said...

McDonald's PAC needs to address the disparity between the MINIMUM WAGE and the MINIMUM TIPPED WAGE. It needs to either support tipped wages in the restaurants (all restaurants) - or abolishing the tip wage altogether. Level the playing field in all restaurants.