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July 9, 2019

A Profile of Veteran McDonald's Operator Clark Stringham

Why this Utah McDonald's tycoon sold off all but 5 of his franchises - Deseret News


Anonymous said...

What a real gentleman, and also an example of what franchising means to American society when done the right way. He did everything the right way.

Anonymous said...

Clark Stringham is a prime example of what can be achieved with hard work, determination, and genuine concern for others...all done without self promotion or vanity! He is a man to admire and follow. I'm so sad that his struggle to conquer his cancer is proving unsuccessful but his fight has been like his life..never giving up. Congratulations to you, Mr. are an inspiration!

One of the PIONEERS of our McD Legacy. Godspeed

Anonymous said...

Clark is a giant, a very decent fellow and the epitome of a MCD Franchise Operator. He gift of giving extending throughout the MCD community and the local community. That too, epitomized the meaning of LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED.

It also reflects the fallacies in the MCD CORPORATE beliefs - no man is a island in todays business realm. Over the years, Clark generated business with the use of his Spouse, Children and business partners. The legacy of creation, will suffer a demise with his leaving the system - broken to pieces, with a fortunate small piece remaining to a once great organization he built.

I can only imagine if the same happened to FORD, GE or other great organizations - once their founder retired or passed. God Bless, Clark! You were magnificent.