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July 31, 2019

Fake Meat Roundup

Is McDonald's Planning a Meatless Burger? - Crain's

Startups Rush to Expand Plant-Based Meats - AP


Anonymous said...

Meatless is something we simply Do Not need. This is a fad.

We got suck into doing things like this before; McLean and taking calories out of items like Mac sauce and Shake/Sundae mix only to find out we took out the taste and destroyed sales. We told ourselves we were doing what the customers asked for. It never turned into GCs or Sales, on the contrary, when we went down that rabbit hole and it became a dark time. We cannot listen to the Loudest .10%, we must run our business for the largest group possible. Every time we get wrapped up in trying to be something we are not, the Operators lose tons of Profit.

We open ourselves up to all kinds of legal battles as well. When a customer says meat juice touched my meatless patty. Then the claims roll in for; I am deathly allergic to meat or it is against my religion, you owe me. Remember, people that sue will never go after the Mom and Pop down the street, they go after us, because they do not realize we are a Mom & Pop with a Big Road Sign.

I know there are parts of the Country that might need this product. Ok, let them have it. They know what will sell and what will not. But for me in the Backwoods of the Bible Belt I do not need it.

People come to McDonald’s for good Food - FAST. We need to do what we do well.

Anonymous said...

Latest Market Force QSR Survey not looking good for McDonald's, surprising considering all the reinvestment in the last few years: Of the 14 burger chains, Jack in the Box, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr., Burger King and McDonald’s were ranked the least favorite among customers, with McDonald’s taking last place. What the hell is going on??

Anonymous said...

I do think it's funny that we are ranked "last" in every survey. But our average unit volumes are way higher than everyone except Chick-fil-a. talk is cheap, people respond with their wallets. IMO

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is why we are in last place; it sure doesn't help when it goes out on social media and national media internet sites:

An employee at a McDonald's restaurant in Florida has been fired after reportedly refusing to serve a pair of paramedics, allegedly over the worker’s reluctance to serve “anyone with a badge.”

“We are aware of the unfortunate incident that took place at one of our restaurants last night,” wrote XXXXXX Company, a McDonald’s franchisee operating over 60 restaurants in Florida, in a Facebook post earlier this month. “We, like you, were upset and disappointed and took immediate action. The employee has been terminated.”

Anonymous said...

This is all over the internet and on Fox News website: McDonald's new paper straws are recyclable, but are not being recycled, company says. Maybe another reason we're ranked least favorite by customers.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the above comment about the paramedics is from a corporate person of privilege.... They are out of touch with reality and do not understand that pressing our co-workers to perform at a high level (with minimal wage) is almost impossible. (That is, if you want retention to be high)

Many of them have tough home lives, drug problems, and are working to survive. suggesting we're last in the QSR industry because of an inability to control everyone's behavior is at best "management theory" and at worst ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that the last comment(from an operator?) justifying such behavior from an employee is a major reason McDonald's comes in least favorite in customer preference. The problem starts at the top!

Anonymous said...

interesting. it seems you may not even be associated with McDonald's... in any event, my comment above is in no way a "justification" of someone's behavior. There are rules and there are consequences to breaking these rules. i.e. the person was terminated.

Similarly, in America, we have rules. and if you're caught doing something outside of those rules, you face consequences... To suggest that any company or any owner of any establishment could "sensor" every person who works there is insane. That is, unless you're from a dictatorship country.

I'm simply pointing out that people's economic and personal situations impact behavior. it's easy to throw a stone from afar, but you most likely haven't had to manage, guide, or lead at that level. To be clear, this person was rightly terminated. But in my opinion, prohibiting this behavior in the first place which we do try to -- (and is the reason you suggest McDonald's is in last place) is almost impossible.

perhaps you're real argument should be at the economics of the business. We must sell a lot of dollar menu items to pay for rent, remodels, wage increases, community support, etc. Send your thoughts to McDonald's Corp. Or to congress. But thank the owner of your local McDonald's, because he or she has probably helped make your community a better place. In spite of these one off headlines.

Anonymous said...

What is a corporate person of privilege? What does that even mean? With just short of 30 years as an operator, I would think that qualifies me as being "associated" with McDonald's, and a leader in my organization to boot. I would think you are not very good judge of anonymous character!

Anonymous said...

To the above operator...where are your stores located? I would love to see how a perfect organization is run with apparently no people issues and Harvard graduate type crew people working crew stations every shift!