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July 15, 2019

Fool Says McDonald's Franchisees Are Wrong

I usually ignore articles from the Motley Fool just because I wouldn't use the word "fool"
when naming my company. But, a friend sent this in and it makes some interesting points.
Please note the writer states that Chick-fil-A is the third largest restaurant chain in the U.S. 
That's by total sales, not locations.

Every time traffic is soft at McDonald's writers and analysts start pumping out articles asking "What's wrong at McDonald's" or "Who will fix McDonald's?" I would ask, maybe doing AUVs just under $3 million a year is the best a 14,000 restaurant chain can do? What would Chick-fil-A be doing if they had 14,000 stores in the marketplace?

McDonald's Franchisees Want War on Chick-fil-A: They're Wrong -- The Motley Fool


Anonymous said...

I agree. They ARE fools. We sell more chicken than nearly anyone else on the planet through our McNuggets. That product pairs beautifully with add on fries and beverages even outside of a Happy Meal. That's not a business that needs fixing, it needs expanding into sandwiches that are just as popular. Blake and NOA are right. The Fool is wrong.

Look at BK. They wanted our business so bad that they were selling a mountain of chicken nuggets for $1.49. They know the business better than any Fool ever will.

Anonymous said...

Theres truth to these words, "McDonald's has never succeeded by offering the best hamburger, or really the best anything -- except maybe fast-food fries."

McDonalds made its fame on FAST and CLEAN.. with quality. QSR... FAST ACCURATE AND FRIENDLY.

Our bloated menu doesnt allow either.

Our mass discounting places us in the DOLLAR GENERAL Market... unable to compete with a $9.00 meal chicken business.

We'd spend a hundred thousand per store to create the perfect chicken sandwich. Only to place it squarely on the DM123 BOGO menu. Just like or coffee, McCafe, our fresh beef.. etc etc

Anonymous said...

The Motley Fool Premium services are usually pretty good. This seems to be on the "free" content side. I would point out, the article is a little like a Monday morning Quarterback. It's free and you get what you pay for.

Richard Adams said...

Yes, it's from the free side. I don't post links that require a subscription.

Anonymous said...

"MOTLEY FOOL" They named it right!