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September 29, 2018

Know-Nothings Hiring Know-Nothings

I'm sure most McDonald's Operators are numb to it but I still find it astounding that McDonald's Corp got rid of so many experienced operations people and is now out on 
the street trying to replace them with people with zero McDonald's experience and  immediately thrusting them into operations positions.

Case in point - the Chicago field office just promoted or hired six new people to be 
"Operations Associates". Two are experienced McDonald's people. The other four are 
from off the street. One from Panera, one from Starbucks, one is a former Firehouse 
Subs franchisee, and one from Berlin Packaging.

Rumor has it that the Denver Field Office is busy hiring Burger King people.

I guess if the decision makers at the top have so little experience with McDonald's they 
don't know the value of a team with deep experience.

Also, the job description for an Operations Associate is "Offer expertise in tools and 
resources for restaurant operations (shift management)".

How long does it take for a person off the street to become an operations resource for McDonald's Operators? A year? Two? Three years?


Anonymous said...

When I was with the Corp. as a Ops Mgr. in the 90's, I was tasked with hiring some outside people and fast tracking them through to Field Service. I did my part, they became competent as managers and almost competent as GM's. But as Field Consultants they were TOTAL failures. Not because they came from the outside, but because they did not have any experience and were trying to consult to Operators and Supervisors that had forgotten more than they had learn in their brief year.

So over the next 2 years each one of the 4 left our Brand. You will never be able to replace experience with pure education.

You VETS know the value of an experienced Non-Com over a inexperienced Lt.

Anonymous said...

Theyre CHEAPER !!

Modern & Progressive.

Want to make a difference? Attend the Tampa Operator Only meeting on Oct 10

Anonymous said...

Think half my swing managers have more knowledge and could do a better job than many of field associates.

Anonymous said...

don't forget that theres a reception the evening of the ninth.

Anonymous said...

Check out the site for the meeting

Anonymous said...

Dick, given your experience in franchising, what are your thoughts on Mr Kujawa being there as the guest speaker? Can something significant be achieved here and should McDonlads be concerned?

Richard Adams said...

I think he'd probably be an interesting guest speaker. Is he the guy to lead McDonald's Operators to the promised land? Probably not - only Operators themselves can do that.

I'm familiar with the limitations on attorneys in private practice but I'm not too sure how it works for someone who's been a corporate lawyer. All the attorneys I worked with at McDonald's have left the company. Those I've kept track of went off to do work having nothing to do with franchising.

But don't let Kujawa's presence influence you one way or another. Go to the meeting! This is an important event. I bet you'll be sorry if you miss it.

Richard Adams said...

Oh...should McDonald's Corp. be concerned? You betcha. Wall Street and investors count on corporate management to have complete control of the franchisees. In a sense that's management's only job.

Anonymous said...

How will the operators receive updates from the meeting?

Richard Adams said...

Here's a novel idea - go to the meeting to get your updates. If you don't attend the meeting why do you deserve to receive updates and benefits from the meeting?

Sorry, but this is no place for the 10% rule (in any human organization, 10% of the people do the work that benefits the other 90%).

Anonymous said...

Dick, many aren't going because they are afraid they'll leave with a target on their backs. I've seen many targeted and taken out in the last three years. I suspect nearly all would go if they weren't afraid.

Some want and need to stick around a few more years, maybe even turn the ship around but rumor is that this was tried some time ago and many were escorted right out of the system. I have no idea if this is true but I do know that if it's a threat the company will want to know who's there.

I have reason to believe that the results and whatever comes out of the meeting will be communicated fully to those who want to be informed but can't or won't go.

Richard Adams said...

"rumor is that this was tried some time ago and many were escorted right out of the system."

That's never happened. I'll comment more later but there has never been a group of Operators "escorted out of the system".

Over the years individual Operators have been forced out for a myriad of reasons, yes. But never a group of Operators working together. But corporate would love to keep you thinking that was true.

Anonymous said...

They take you out one at a time, when Operators turn on other Operators for selfish reasons. They do not stay together!!!If Operators stuck together, we would not be in this mess. Divide and Conquer, is what Upper Management does best.