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September 23, 2018

LYFE Kitchen Almost DEAD

Interesting because:

1) LYFE was founded by two former McDonald's execs, Mike Roberts and Mike Donahue.

2) More proof that no matter what surveys, focus groups, and politicians say, consumers
    want tasty, filling food. Chains that don't offer such are doomed to fail.

Carlisle Corp. sells off struggling LYFE Kitchen


Anonymous said...

I say I want to lose weight but love fried chicken!

Anonymous said...

Mike Roberts did not lose any money I am sure he got all his money out plus millions more. He worked investors to a tee! They went to Palo Alto because the money flow there is crazy any idea or concept investors will throw millions at it and Mike knows how to work the investor crowd. They sold their supermarket divison for millions. Still, never understand why any investor would invest in a start-up restaurant concept it is a needle in a haystack to find the one winner.